We all know for a fact that water is life, and 71% of earth’s is water. However, over 99% of the water is found in oceans and polar ice caps. Only 1% of the water is fresh and this is what supports terrestrial life, humans included. The oceans, lakes, rivers,swamps,fish ponds and other man-made ponds, oases and peatlands are all wetlands. Wetlands provide significant ecological, economic, scientific, cultural and recreational value for the community and people.

Currently water supply is dwindling and despite the growing population and continuing degradation, the volume of freshwater available and accessible is roughly the same.  As a result, this calls for wise use of the available water resources. Apart from population increase and pollution, climate change is now another factor that contributes to the scarcity. Climate change results in changes in rainfall regimes which in turn threatens surface water.

What you can do:
It is pur duty to endure wise use of the remaining water sources. Our individual actions will make a great difference.
  # If we make it a point to participate in programs and initiatives that help protect and restore wetlands, the efforts will have great impacts.
    # Report and avoid clearing, filling or dumping in rivers, lakes and other water bodies.
   # Another way to ensure protection is by planting native tree species, shrubs and flowers to preserve ecological balance of the various wetlands. For degraded wetlands, plants such as bamboo go a long way in rehabilitation and restoration.
   # There is the use of the living shoreline technique. This uses plant roots to stabilize soil on river banks.
   # At home, we should use phosphate- free detergents, phosphates encourage algal growth which suffocates aquatic life. Also use of non- toxic farming and gardening products and do not spray on rainy or windy days as this will direct the chemicals straight to the water bodies.
   # And reduce, reuse and recycle wastes. Water bodies are not dumping sites.


I'm an Environmental Science Graduate, passionate about conservation and eco-living. I started the blog with the aim of promoting sustainable development, green innovations and help you understand and appreciate the importance and benefits of a healthy Environment.

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