Climate change and global warming is currently of great concern, it is a fact now that deforestation is a great contributor to global warming since trees are carbon sinks. Another contributor to climate change that many do not seem to know about is wastes. Carbon is not the only gas to worry about, methane too and its primarily emitted from our wastes.

Through our everyday activities, we release tons of wastes daily which include both organic and inorganic wastes. Though we might not know it, we are contributing majorly to climate change and global warming. This is through the emissions; carbon is not the only greenhouse gas contributing to climate change, there is another gas called methane. Methane is produced and emitted to the atmosphere during the decomposition of organic wastes in landfills or dumping sites. For the inorganic wastes like plastics, they produce carbon dioxide when you burn them, contributing further to global warming and climate change.

How you can help counter this:
Your daily activities can help in reducing this effect and improve the environmental status. The best way to deal with wastes is through recycling, reduction and reuse, the 3 Rs. This can be done through small activities that make a huge impact;

Recycling plastics and avoiding their use, example by glass bottled sodas that can easily be recycled instead of the plastic bottles ones, minimize your use of straws, they are a major contributor to wastes , not easy to recycle , cannot be reused and are not a crucial part, you do not need them to drink your beverage. If you do this and your friends too, within a period of approximately 18 months, a barrel of oil will be saved.

Reuse plastic bags as much as possible and avoid their purchase, instead try as much as possible to go for biodegradable brown bags, studies have shown that for a family of 6 that eliminates its plastic wastes 231.33 kg of carbon emission is reduced per year. This is clearly a major impact, so if you get your family and your friend’s family to do it, you will greatly reduce carbon emissions and hence reduce climate change.

For organic wastes like fruit peelings, food scraps, egg shells etc. Composting is the way to go, instead of throwing it away. Composting results in good organic fertilizer and this helps to reduce methane emissions and also carbon emissions. Another way to deal with organic wastes is through decomposition and instead, harnessing the methane gas and pipe it for domestic use, methane gas is combustible and can be used as a clean and cheap source of fuel, i.e. biogas.

Reuse and recycle rubber, rubber tyres instead of burning them, this can save up to a gallon of crude oil.

Plant a tree and participate in tree planting activities and campaigns, trees are the greatest ‘absorber’ of carbon.

The good news is that there is no small insignificant act, everything you do results into a huge impact, so make your impact positive.


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