25th of September marked two years since the sustainable development goals, SDGs were adopted by 193 countries, Kenya included. Progress and implementation has been slow and there is little awareness and education on what the SDGs involve. Sustainable development goal number 13 is about; taking urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts. One of the impacts of climate change is pollution at all levels; air, water and land pollution. this presentsof income generation for the youths.

The youths are central in reversing the negative impacts of pollution. This is due to the fact that a younger person lives longer and suffers through the effects of pollution and declining resources. Additionally, they bring in new and innovative ways to mitigate and reverse pollution. They bring in new perspectives to environmental affairs and conservation efforts. There is a lot of income generation and development that lies in pollution control and sustainable activities.

Participation of youth in environmental conservation and pollution control can be sought at different levels from grass-roots self-help groups and community based organizations to participation in conservation projects to national policy-making bodies.


One way to create an impact is through participation in training and sensitization programs on sustainability, green growth and conservation; be a green ambassador. Participate and encourage tree planting and regeneration of polluted water bodies. There are youth groups within Nairobi County that are putting in efforts to rehabilitate parts of Nairobi and Ngong River.

Another way is to focus on solid waste management and this has the potential of income generation and development. This can be done in two ways; residential garbage collection or waste conversion. Residential garbage collection minimizes open air dumping within estates. People will pay a small amount to have their wastes collected. Waste conversion is converting what is considered as waste into something valuable. First step is waste separation, organic and inorganic wastes. Organic waste converted into valuable manure through composting. This is later sold and becomes an income earner.wastes and climate change


Inorganic wastes like plastics and rubber and glass through a creative mind can be transformed into beautiful ornaments and decorations. This can be later sold and hence and income earner.examples of plastic bottle conversions



bottle cap mosaic



Where there is a problem, the need for a solution is the very bedrock for income generation. The role of youths in sustainable development does not remain at ecosystem conservation and recovery but also income generation and development.



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