Have you noticed a constant change in the rainfall frequency and intensity or a difference in the solar output in your area? Has the climatic conditions in your area been changing, what you experienced around five years ago is not what you are experiencing this year? Well that there is a variation in climatic conditions otherwise known as climate change. The constant increase of the earth’s temperatures is what is called global warming. The two are related, in that global warming results in climate change. Man’s unsustainable activities began decades ago leading to not only pollution of resources but also increased concentration of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, a major greenhouse gas. A greenhouse gas is that which allows income solar radiation to reach earth’s surface but traps the outgoing radiation leaving earth’s surface leading to increased temperatures.
Some of the problems you have been facing like delayed rainfall and disrupted rainfall patterns are the consequences of climate change and global warming. Others include high temperatures that have led to desert like conditions, increased number of pests and diseases, drying up of rivers and water bodies, increased natural disasters are all as a result of the changing example is how Njoro area has become progressively drier and hotter to a point where there is reduced rainfall and poor crop yields. All as a result of our unsustainable practices, but, there is hope, this is where trees come in to save us.
Trees are the biggest carbon sinks and carbon dioxide is a major greenhouse gas. From our science class we know that trees use up CO2 and release oxygen. In this way trees not only purify the air but also reduce carbon concentration in the atmosphere. Each tree is important in saving us and our lands. A well-functioning forest can continue to absorb carbon for up to 50 years or more or 20 years on the lower side. Using cleaner production technologies also reduces carbon emissions but it has to be accompanied with tree planting.
Another benefit to planting trees include combating soil erosion, the tree roots hold loose and unconsolidated soil particles together leading to their resistance to moving water or wind and simply stopping soil erosion. Trees also stabilize an ecosystem and help in regeneration of degraded environments, through increase in biodiversity. Trees can also be of commercial purposes; fruits harvested and sold in various forms or as they are. The leaves and shoots are of medicinal value like the Neem tree. I go on and on about the numerous positive benefits of trees.
If you want to see increased rains, reduced dry spells and increased crops yields, then start today. Plant and tree today, it will make a difference. A forest begins by one tree, so stop complaining and plant a tree, improve our country’s forest cover. Plant a tree in your home areas, at your schools, at your establishments, participate in tree planting campaigns, and also spread the word. Trees will save our country and our planet, help   combat climate change. So plant a tree today.


I'm an Environmental Science Graduate, passionate about conservation and eco-living. I started the blog with the aim of promoting sustainable development, green innovations and help you understand and appreciate the importance and benefits of a healthy Environment.

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