On Sunday 9/04/2017 all roads led to Suswa, specifically Satellite Primary School, for a tree planting exercise. The area is generally warm and temperate with significant rainfall throughout the year in the months of April (most precipitation) and in November (bi modal). Rainfall averages 758 mm. but these are the ideal conditions, due to vegetation clearance and other environmentally harmful human activities; the area is now dry and hot with drought like conditions during dry months and flooding during the rainy season. This has also led to soil erosion and degeneration.



This is what has motivated the Environmental Journalism Society of Kenya (EJSK) to start a program dubbed #reforestkenya under #AdoptATreeCampaign which basically is a push and drive to reforest Suswa area, mostly schools, with the target being 200,00 trees. The willingness of the students to learn about and protect the trees is also another major motivation.

The Team


The exercise took place in Satellite Primary School compound in which a total of 350 tree seedlings were planted. The species were mostly indigenous so as to easily adapt to the climate and environment. It was an all inclusive activity, with not only EJSK members participating but also the local school children were involved. They were very receptive and excited to take care of the trees, this also ensured that the concept of conservation and sustainable living is instilled at an early age, ensuring a generation that recognizes the needs and benefits of environmental conservation.

This was the first tree planting exercise of the year, with the 2017 target being 10,000 trees within the school and 2 water tanks.



The #reforestkenya program also focuses on acquiring water tanks within the schools to serve two purposes; provide clean drinking water for the school kids and also water source for the tree seedlings especially on the dry months, to ensure the exercise is not in vain.


So far 10’000 trees have been planted with an 85% survival rate; Suswa girls 7500 trees, Olonguswa Primary 450, Kaare Primary 560 and churches 1000 trees. Every positive action makes a difference in creating a better future and a greener Kenya.


Her name is Brenda. She is in class 5. She adopted this tree in her school Satellite Primary School and she will take care of it. She thanks you for the tree donation. She needs more to make her school green. #adopatreecampaign #reforestkenya.


To be part of the initiative and join the campaign or to donate a tree, a seedling only costs 150 kshs and this  spreads for 6 to 8months, including pruning, mulching, weeding to ensure its survival. Contact person Cyprian Ogoti – 0722123340



I'm an Environmental Science Graduate, passionate about conservation and eco-living. I started the blog with the aim of promoting sustainable development, green innovations and help you understand and appreciate the importance and benefits of a healthy Environment.

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Vivienne Sang · April 11, 2017 at 2:45 pm

Hello eco life,
I really enjoyed myself in planting trees with the team and the students. They were very enthusiastic about the activity and even requested to be given a tree to take home and plant. It was really interesting digging the tree holes, planting and watering as well as mending the fence.

We should take the tree planting activity serious and plant more trees for the good of us all. Thank you Cyprian for the invitation. As part of Sejelai Organization, we would like to invite your team soon to plant trees in the Maasai Mara.


Vivienne Sang

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