Earth day was created to increase awareness and support for environmental protection. On this earth day 2016, the landmark Paris agreement will be signed by over 120 countries. This is a positive direction towards saving our planet. Besides that, here are 9 reasons to take care of our planet;


1. Our only home.

Earth is the only planet that supports life, our life. I know there is talk of possibility of life on mars, but that can’t compare to earth; one we don’t need protective suits and oxygen masks to survive, imagine what happens if the supply runs out or the suit is faulty, the gravity here, air pressure, weather conditions here are all moderate and perfect for living and most of all free. Every day you wake up and take a breath of fresh air for free all day.

2. Climate change is real.
Did you notice the unusually high temperatures experienced in the months of February and March this year? What about the change in rainfall patterns and unusual weather phenomena? That is what climate change is and it has resulted due to global warming, a result of our polluting ways. You might wonder what an increase in global temperatures might do, well, currently the polar ice caps are melting resulting in sea level rise and consequently low lying areas are being submerged in ocean waters. Not only that, but polar bears are also now endangered and face extinction. Climate change has also led to warmer ocean waters and hence loss of corals, there is new evidence of coral bleaching and loss. Corals are an integral part of marine life.IMG-20150417-WA0001submerged tree due to rising water levels as a result of globalbwarming.

3. Loss of forests and tree cover.
We all know how important trees are to life; they provide a range of products from food sources to medicinal and range of important services from combating climate change to air purification and we all know we need air (oxygen) to survive, that should be enough incentive to plant a tree and ensure forest cover. Without forest cover life on earth will be unbearable, water sources will be very limited if not lost, case in point, picture life in the Sahara desert.

4. Water pollution and reduction.
The phrase water is life explains it all. Currently we have polluted and degraded our water sources, yes 70% of earth’s surface is water but 99% of it is salty ocean water, only 1% is fresh water which supports terrestrial life, you included. Although water is a renewable resource, due to pollution and increasing human population, the rate of use has surpassed the rate of replenishing resulting in depletion. The increasing global temperatures have made matters worse with some streams completely drying up. Deforestation has also contributed greatly to rivers drying up. The aquatic life, both marine and freshwater is currently under threat.

5. Biodiversity loss.
Every day the list of endangered species gets longer and calls for conservation continue, it is time to heed to these calls. Loss of biodiversity will result in ecosystem imbalance and loss of the earth’s recreational aspect too.

6. Food security.
With the increasing temperatures, forests cover loss and water loss agriculture is the hardest hit sector since all these are the condition for crop growth. Without farming there are no crops, thus no food. Currently the concept of climate smart agriculture is taking shape in an effort to make use of the limited remaining resources. This better manages water and even makes good use of arid lands.

7. Good health and proper sanitation.
We degrade the earth it affects our health. We pollute the air, breath in the same polluted air and what results in health complications. We drink contaminated water, we contract water borne illnesses. Increased incidences of flooding create breeding grounds for pathogens resulted in illnesses like malaria. There are also increased cases of heat strokes and heat related illnesses.

8. Earth’s beauty.
The landscapes, plants, wildlife both marine and terrestrial are part of the wonder and beauty of the earth. This however is currently under threat from us, it is rapidly fading away.

9. World peace.
It is said that future wars and conflicts will be fueled by environmental resources or lack of these resources. I believe this is true, so it is time to take preventive measures.

So this earth day play your part; plant a tree, take time to enjoy and appreciate nature’s beauty, conserve water and energy, avoid use of plastics they are choking marine and terrestrial life and most importantly remember to make each day an earth day.


I'm an Environmental Science Graduate, passionate about conservation and eco-living. I started the blog with the aim of promoting sustainable development, green innovations and help you understand and appreciate the importance and benefits of a healthy Environment.

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