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How We Started

Ecolife Kenya realized the need for public awareness and education on ecosystem care and sustainable living within the community. it started out as a green website and an online platform whose aim was to ensure sustainable communities through information dissemination. It does this through promotion of clean and green practices, green innovations and Eco-entrepreneurship.This is achieved through the related projects, articles, activities and initiatives we support and are a part of.

in addition to information dissemination,Ecolife Kenya is now focusing on launching a major initiative on solid waste management and eco-mentorship and empowerment through ecosystem restoration. this is through the Eco Living Initiative (ELI)

Ecolife Kenya is where you will learn how you can play your part in environmental conservation, and the immense benefits that result. Each one of us has a role to play, join the movement and be part of creating a green and sustainable life giving future.